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We promise – and guarantee in writing – against the silent killer of bathroom renovations: leaky floors and walls. Failed waterproofing is the number one cause of bathroom damage and the No 1 defect in buildings in Australia A leaky floor or wall can destroy your bathroom in a matter of just a few short years, eroding the value of your investment. We guarantee against this in writing with a 7 year guarantee against water leaks. How?

Double Waterproofing?

You might think waterproofing is a fairly standard part of a bathroom renovation and therefore nothing can go wrong. Many plumbers, tilers, carpenters and handymen (licensed and unlicensed) apply the bare minimum one coat or waterproofing, often rushing the process and not allowing time for proper preparation of the surface before waterproofing is applied. This is due in part to the cut-price nature of the industry- where someone gives you a cut price quote they take short cuts. It’s also due to the fact waterproofing is a specialised skill, something we have worked hard to perfect at Beach Bathrooms.

But even with our extensive experiences and ongoing experimentation to master practices we Double Waterproof , however before the waterproof membrane we take the added precaution of fitting flashing angles to your wall/floor before it is lined or rendered we then sikaflex the wall/floor corners in the shower

Double waterproofing commences, we add a coat of waterproofing over the whole bathroom/ Ensuite, floor. The tiler then adds his tile bed. After the tile bed has dried , we add two more coats of waterproofing to the whole floor and shower walls, behind the bath and vanity to make absolutely sure your bathroom won’t leak.

whole floor and shower walls, behind the bath and vanity to make absolutely sure your bathroom won’t leak. Double waterproofing is to make sure your bathroom never leaks because it is such a critical part of your bathroom renovation. Without double waterproofing your whole bathroom renovation is at risk, because a small leak can cost thousands in damage to surrounding walls and flooring.

This goes above and beyond the recommended Australian standards and gives you the trouble-free, peace of mind that your bathroom won’t leak.



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Dept of Fair Trading License 216192C


Dept of Fair Trading License: 216192C

We guarantee our work for 7 years.

Approved for Home Warranty Insurance for projects over $20,000.

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